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Novu can be used to deliver email messages to your customers using a unified delivery API. You can easily integrate your favorite delivery provider using the built-in integration store.

Configuring email providers

When creating an email provider integration you will be asked to provide additional fields alongside the provider-specific credentials:

  • Sender name - Will be displayed as the sender of the message
  • From email address - Emails sent using Novu will be sent using this address

For some email providers including SendGrid you will have to authenticate the From email address to make sure you will send email messages using an authorized address.

Sending Email attachments

You can easily send attachments with the Novu API by passing the attachments array when triggering an Email based notification template.

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import { Novu } from 'packages/node/build/main/index';

const novu = new Novu(process.env.NOVU_API_KEY);

novu.trigger('event-name', {
to: {
subscriberId: '...',
payload: {
attachments: [
file: fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/data/test.jpeg'),
name: 'test.jpeg',
mime: 'image/jpg',