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EmailJS helps to send emails using client-side technologies only. No server is required – just connect EmailJS to one of the supported email services, create an email template, and use our JavaScript library to trigger an email. You can use EmailJS to send the content of a form filled by your users directly to your email address, using a simple connection provided by EmailJS.

Getting Started

You have to simply create an account on EmailJS and verify your email address after that you can use API or CDN provided by EmailJS to send a response of form to your email address.

How to connect a form to your email?

  • Create a simple HTML form.
  • Create an account on EmailJS and verify your email.
  • Create a new service and do all the settings.
  • Create a connection using CDN or API.

Integrate EmailJS with Novu

  • Visit the Integrations page on Novu.
  • Locate EmailJS and click on the Connect button.
  • Enter your EmailJS API Key.
  • Fill the From email address field using the authenticated email from the previous step.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • You should now be able to send notifications using EmailJS in Novu.