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Outlook365 ( based in custom SMTP server)

You can use the Outlook 365 provider to send transactional emails through your instance of Office 365 to your customers using the Novu Platform with a single API.

Getting Started

To use the Outlook 365 channel, you will need to have the sender's email (user) and the password for the account. This account cannot be a shared mailbox or distribution list. It will need to be properly licensed to send email via Office 365.

Create the Outlook 365 integration with Novu

  • Visit the Integrations page on Novu.
  • Locate Outlook 365 and click on the Connect button.
  • Enter your SMTP credentials
    • from: Complete email address of the sending user. (e.g.
    • senderName: Sender Name should be the same email address of the sending user. (e.g.
    • password: Password used to sign in with the email account.
  • Click on the Disabled button and mark as Active.
  • Click on the Connect button.
  • You should now be able to send notifications using Outlook 365 in Novu.