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Firebase Cloud Messages

Firebase Cloud Messages is a free notification delivery service provided by Google Firebase.

To enable the FCM integration, you need to get your service account key from the Firebase dashboard. You can acquire the account key JSON by selecting your project, clicking the gear icon in top of the sidebar, going to service account tab and download the JSON.

After that, manually get the values from the JSON to the right fields. You can use a tool like JSON Formatter to get the values more easily.

The overrides field supports all NotificationMessagePayload values, example below.

Device/notification identifiers can be set by using Subscriber Credentials or by using the deviceIdentifiers field in overrides.

import { Novu } from '@novu/node';

const novu = new Novu(process.env.NOVU_API_KEY);

novu.trigger('event-name', {
to: {
subscriberId: '...',
payload: {
abc: 'def',

Before triggering the notification to a subscriber(user) with push as a step in workflow, make sure you have added subscriber(user) device token as follows:-

import { Novu, PushProviderIdEnum } from '@novu/node';

const novu = new Novu(process.env.NOVU_API_KEY);

const body = req.body; // From your HTTPS listener
await novu.subscribers.setCredentials('subscriberId', PushProviderIdEnum.FCM, {
deviceTokens: ['<token1>', 'token2'],