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Notification center is not loading properly.

Possible causes for the notification center not loading properly:

  • Invalid subscriberId
  • Invalid applicationIdentifier
  • Invalid backendUrl (in case of self hosted)
  • Invalid socketUrl (in case of self hosted)
There is a render error due to notification center in react.

Notification center should be wrapped in NovuProvider.

What socket events are supported in useSocket hook?

There are two events. unread_count_changed and unseen_count_changed.

What is the difference between redirect URL and CTA?

Redirect URL is for entire notification, When user will click notification user will route to that url. CTA are two call to action buttons. onNotificationClick function props is used for redirect url and onActionClick function props is used for CTA. Read more about actions here.

How to create a new feed and add notification to that feed?

Add a in-app step in template workflow. Click on this step and then click on edit template in sidebar. A new edit notification template page will appear. Scroll down. There you will find an option Add New Feed. You can either create new feed or add this template to existing feeds.

How to customize notification center?

Everything can be customized in Novu. useNotification hook in react component provides few functions to customize. Header, Footer, Bell etc can also be customized. Read more about customization here

Notification bell is not showing in iframe

We use font awesome bell icon. Make sure you have added font awesome css cdn link in head tag.


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