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Getting Started

Novu provides you with a set of APIs and components to create rich customized notification center experiences. You can either choose to work headless with our notification feed API and create your own custom notification center user interface, or use our ready-to-use UI and customize it partially.

Notification Center

React component

After creating your Novu Platform account and creating your first notification template, it's time to connect the In-app channel to your application.

npm install @novu/notification-center

And in the appropriate place within your app add the PopoverNotificationCenter component with the NovuProvider

import {
} from '@novu/notification-center';

function Header() {
function onNotificationClick(notification: IMessage) {

return (
<NovuProvider subscriberId={'USER_ID'} applicationIdentifier={'APP_ID_FROM_ADMIN_PANEL'}>
<PopoverNotificationCenter onNotificationClick={onNotificationClick}>
{({ unseenCount }) => <NotificationBell unseenCount={unseenCount} />}

That's it! Now you're ready to send your first notification using Novu.

Not using React? Checkout the iFrame Embed docs