You can use the BurstSMS provider to send SMS messages to the customers using the Novu Platform with a single API to create multi-channel experiences.

Getting Started

To use BurstSMS provider in the SMS channel, the first step is to create an BurstSMS account and add the personal BurstSMS API key and your BurstSMS API Secret to the BurstSMS integration on the Novu platform.

Find the API and Secret key

To find the BurstSMS API and Secret key, log into the personal BurstSMS account and navigate to the API Keys section tab present at the end of the Navbar. It is suggested to create a new API and Secret key for use with Novu. Copy the newly created API and Secret key.

Creating a BurstSMS integration with Novu

  • Visit the Integrations page on Novu.
  • Click the “Add a provider” button.
  • Locate BurstSMS under the SMS section and click on the Next button.
  • Select Your Environment add condition (Optional)
  • Click on the Disabled button and mark it as Active.
  • Enter the API key and API Secret.
  • Click on the Upload button.
  • Now it is possible to send SMS notifications using BurstSMS in Novu.

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