Novu Providers

To help you evaluate our services better, Novu provides an email and sms provider by default for every account. After signing up, you can go to the Integrations store on the Novu web dashboard to see this.

This feature is available only in Novu cloud. This feature will not work in community self hosted version and local environment.

Novu Email Provider

If you’ve a newly signed-up account on Novu, it will look like this:

Novu Email provider on Novu web dashboard's Integration store

Novu SMS Provider

And this is what the default Novu SMS provider looks like:

Novu SMS provider on Novu web dashboard's Integration store

The default email and sms providers are for evaluation purposes only and their use in production-grade apps is not recommended. You should switch to any of our numerous other providers for production apps. Also, there are two modes for default Novu providers - Development and Production.

Novu In-app Provider

In addition to email and sms, we also have in-app provider:

Novu in-app provider on Novu web dashboard's Integration store

It is the only provider for the in-app channel and it can be used in production apps. Unlike sms and email, it is not active by default and needs to be turned on separately. It can be scaled as per your need and it is a ‘pay as you go’ offering. You can check this for more details.

Limits of the Novu Providers

Following are the limits for our email and sms providers:

  1. Email: 300 emails per organization per month
  2. SMS: 20 messages per organization per month

To send more than these limits, you can configure a different provider for a specific channel.