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Explore our guides and examples to integrate Novu.

What is Novu?

Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure built to help engineering teams build rich product notification experiences without constantly re-inventing the wheel.

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    Create template
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Discover Novu


This is your starting point to Novu. Learn how you can quickly start using it and how you can self deploy it using Docker.


Learn the building blocks of Novu, how you can create your first subscriber, integrate your delivery providers and deep dive to the Novu ecosystem.

Notification Center

Quickly add a fully functioning notification center to your application using our component libraries or a custom iframe embed.


With Novu you can send notification over multiple channels using a single API. Read more about our supported channels and recipes.


Novu is the only open-source notification infrastructure, join a community of thousands of developers. Learn about how you can contribute and stay in touch with our growing community.

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