The Inbox component, also sometimes referred to as a widget that furnishes your web application with a beautiful and smooth Inbox notification experience for users.

In-App notifications are different from push notifications in the sense that Inbox notifications are consumed by the user in your app itself, whether push notifications are shown on the device level. Read more about push channel and supported providers.

Novu provides a pre-built, ready-to-use, and customizable UI component. It also allows you to bring your own UI via a headless component which can be used to add In-App notifications to any platform.


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Why use the Novu Inbox?

  • Users can manage subscriber preferences from the Invox component.
  • You want to notify about any product activity related to the user.
  • Prebuilt UI component so no need to build UI from scratch.
  • Highly customizable as per your product design system.
  • Multi-device real-time notification experience powered by web sockets.
  • Secure your connection using HMAC encryption.
  • Have multi-tabs notification experience.


  1. In-App notification:- In-App notification is a message sent to the subscriber using an In-App channel step in the workflow.
  2. In-App notifications feed:- List of all In-App messages sent to a particular subscriber.
  3. feeds:- feeds are stores/tabs in which In-App messages can be grouped. One message can be in only one feed.
  4. notification actions:- Notification actions are cta buttons below notification content that can be clicked to perform any action or external API call.
  5. redirect url:- When a single notification item from the list is clicked then it can be configured to perform an action or redirect to any URL.

UI Libraries

  1. React
  2. Vue
  3. Angular
  4. Web Component
  5. Headless

Backend SDK Methods

Backend sdk methods