Our Community

At Novu, we’re a vibrant, open-source community driven by passion, collaboration, and a shared love for pushing boundaries. We believe in the power of community-driven development, where every voice matters and every contribution counts. As such, contributions are at the heart of how we evolve and progress forward.

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Getting help

Our fellow community members are always ready to help you get past a blocker. However, you can take a few things into consideration to help them help you:

  • Share as many details as you can share. It will help us in debugging the issue.
  • If there is any bug, please share steps to reproduce that bug.
  • If there is any issue in running Novu on a local machine, please share system details like operating system, RAM size, npm version and node version.
  • If there is any issue in our backend SDKs, please mention the SDK version and relevant details.
  • If looking for self-hosting support, please share Novu Version and remote server details. Our latest version is 0.21.0. Please be patient with self-hosting help. We are a small team and we will try our best to help you.
Community self-host option includes only community support. Checkout commercial self host for priority support.
Intercome is suitable if you’re using Novu cloud or commercial self-host and want priority support. Kindly use Discord or Github for community self-hosting questions.


All community members are of one of the following four types:

  1. Open source users
  2. Active users
  3. Power users

Become an active community member

  • Everyone who joins our community becomes an open-source user automatically.
  • You can become an active user by:
    • Submitting >2 PRs
    • Opening >2 issues
    • Sending >5 messages on Github
    • Commenting >3 times on Github
  • Active users are one step closer to becoming Power users.

Become a power user

  • All active community members are eligible to become a power user and can become so by having at least one of the following:
    • Submitting 3 PRs
    • Opening 3 Issues
    • Sending 10 Discord messages
    • Commenting >10 times on Github
The activity period is 30 days for becoming an active/power user. So, you’ll be upgraded/downgraded depending on your activity in the stipulated time.


Are you passionate about notifications like we are? There are many different—and easy—ways to get involved.

Help in onboarding and answering questions.

  • Welcome new users into the community
  • Answer questions in the community support channel.
  • Offer input and opinions about various solutions you have tried.

Improve our documentation

  • Check out ourGitHub repo
  • No documentation is perfect, and neither is ours
  • Help us improve our docs by
    • Updating outdated examples
    • Correcting typos and language for clarity
    • Find and fix broken links, etc.

Help with the SDKs

Create content

  • Content writers program: Apply to become a content writer with us and get paid to write about use-cases highlighting how you solved a problem using Novu
  • Write an article or a social media post about what you built with Novu and tag us there to share it with the community. We’ll shout you out, promise!!!

PRs, issues, and bug reports

  • Check out our contributors guide
  • Once you’ve gone through our development process, you can contribute directly to open issues.
  • Open a new issue if a relevant one isn’t already open.
  • Also, you can create bug reports if you find a bug somewhere.
  • Or a feature request if you find something that should be a feature but isn’t.

At Novu, we believe that no contribution is small, and the only wrong question is the one that doesn’t get asked. So feel free to ask any question or raise that Pull Request. You’re always welcome here! 🤗

Events and announcements

Staying in tune with our upcoming community events, workshops, and hackathons is fairly easy.

We’re excited to have you on board and look forward to your valuable contributions! If you need assistance, have questions, or want to share your experiences, feel free to engage with us through the support channels mentioned above.

Together, we’ll shape the future of Novu. 🫂