Inbound Webhook is a feature that allows processing of incoming emails for a domain or subdomain. The feature parses the contents of the email and POSTs the information to a specified URL in a multipart/form-data format.

This feature is available only in Novu cloud. This feature will not work in community self hosted version and local environment.

Steps to set up Inbound Webhook

  1. Set up an MX Record:
    • Log in to your domain host’s website and navigate to the MX Records page.
    • Create a new MX record for the subdomain you want to process incoming email (e.g.
    • Assign the MX record a priority of 10 and point it to the specified inbound mail server that located on the admin dashboard on the Email Settings.

      For US, use and For EU, use

  2. Add Domain to allowed list:
    • Log in to the dashboard.
    • Navigate to Email Settings in Settings.
    • Add your domain to the allowed list.
  3. Enable Inbound Parse and Set Webhook URL:
    • Log in to the dashboard.
    • Navigate to the Workflow Editor.
    • Select the email step.
    • Enable the Inbound Parse feature.
    • Set the Webhook URL to the location where you want the parsed data to be POSTed.
The Webhook URL must be publicly accessible.