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Run Novu locally


  • Node.js version v16.15.1
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • (Optional) pnpm - Needed if you want to install new packages
  • (Optional) localstack (required only in S3 related modules) Need help installing the requirments? Read more here

Setup the project

After installing the required services on your machine you can clone and setup your forked version of the project.

  • Fork Novu's repository. Clone or download your fork to your local machine.
  • Run initial setup command npm run setup:project to install and build all dependencies
  • Run the project locally using: npm run start

The npm run start will start all of the services in parallel including the API's and web clients. If you only want to run parts of the platform, you can use the following run commands from the root project:

  • start:dev - Synonym to npm run start
  • start:web - Only starts the web management platform
  • start:ws - Only starts the WebSocket service for notification center updates
  • start:widget - Starts the widget wrapper project that hosts the notification center inside an iframe
  • start:api - Run the API in watch mode
  • start:dal - Run the Data Access Layer package in watch mode
  • start:shared - Starts the watch mode for the shared client and API library
  • start:node - Runs the @novu/node package in watch mode
  • start:notification-center - Runs and build the React package for the Novu notification center

Running tests

After making some changes, you can run the tests for the different package using the appropriate CLI commands.


To run the api tests you can simply run the following command:

npm run start:e2e:api

The test will run a new instance of Novu against the test db and run the tests against it. The test db will be removed after tests has finished running.


To run the front end tests for the web project using cypress you will need to install localstack in order for all the tests to pass. The cypress test perform and E2E test, meaning that you will have to run the API service in the appropriate test environment. To run the services in test env you can use:

npm run start:e2e:api
npm run start:ws:test

Run the cypress test suite using:

cd apps/web && npm run cypress:run

To open the cypress management windows to debug tests run:

cd apps/web && npm run cypress:open

Different ports used by the services the projects spins up

  • 3000 - API
  • 3002 - WebSocket service
  • 4200 - Web Management UI
  • 4500 - Iframe embed for notification center

Testing providers

To run tests against the providers folder you can use the "npm run test:providers" command.