Novu Framework was designed to bridge the gap between developers and non-developers in the team.

  • Developers - Define and abstract away complex logic, data manipulation, hydration, html, and etc…
  • Non-Developers - Use the Novu Dashboard UI to control the content and behavior of the notifications using Controls.

How to modify Controls?

Controls are modified directly in the Novu Dashboard UI, under the ‘Controls’ tab of the Workflow editor page. Upon saving the changes, the new Control values will be used in the notification sent to your subscribers.

Dynamic payload data

Dynamic data passed as part of the trigger payload can be easily used inside of the Controls. For example, you can pass a user_name as part of the payload and use it in the controls as {{user_name}} to personalize the notification.

Common usecases

Change notification content

A control can be as broad as content or as specific as 2fa_code_title_color. This allows you to change the content of the notification without needing to touch the code.

Change Digest or Delay frequency

Controls can be used for controlling any aspect of the step configuration, for example:

  • Delay amount
  • Digest length
  • Digest type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • etc…

Read more about digest strategies and how to prevent notification fatigue.

Control structure and layout

Controls can be used to show/hide or rearrange the layout of the notification. For example, you can have an input to show/hide a button, or change the position of a specific email section.