What delights the dopamine receptors more than an email confirming their order’s delivery date? Reward your buyers by letting them know their order is confirmed and on the way, complete with tracking info fetched by leveraging the payload schema.

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Code Example

import { workflow } from '@novu/framework';
import { renderShippingOrderEmail } from '../emails/shipping-order-confirmation';
import { zodControlSchema, zodPayloadSchema, jsonControlSchema, jsonPayloadSchema } from './schemas';

export const AmazonShippingOrderConfirmation = workflow(
    "Amazon Shipping Order",
    async ({ step, payload }) => {
        async (controls) => {
          return {
            subject: controls.emailSubject,
            body: renderShippingOrderEmail(controls, payload),
          controlSchema: zodControlSchema
      payloadSchema: zodPayloadSchema

 PROTIP: Delight users by sending their tracking info - leverage the payload schema to do this.