Novu’s integration store serves as the central hub from where you can seamlessly enable and disable various services for efficient communication.

This feature simplifies the process of managing your communication channels. You can see which provider is enabled/disabled for what channel, which provider works in what environment and more. Moreover, it provides a clear overview of enabled and disabled services, offering you greater control over your communication strategy.

The integration store shows you a glimpse of all the providers

From this image above, you can see that I’ve configured Sendgrid and Twilio as my email and sms provider respectively and both are in the development environment.

Streamline Communication Services

With the Integration Store, you can streamline your communication services effortlessly. Whether it’s Email, Chat, or SMS, this feature allows you to integrate different communication channels with ease. This centralization ensures that you can manage all your services conveniently from a single location.

Enabling and Disabling Services

The Integration Store allows you to activate or deactivate specific services according to your communication needs. You can enable a service by simply entering the required API key, identifier and other required info depending on the provider you’re choosing. Conversely, if you need to deactivate a service temporarily or make changes, you can disable it just as effortlessly.

Enhanced Flexibility

By providing a comprehensive range of communication services under one roof, the Integration Store enhances your flexibility. You have the power to customize your communication strategy by enabling the services that align with your requirements.


Novu’s integration store offers a centralized and user-friendly platform for managing your communication services effectively. With its categorization, clear visibility, and easy enablement/disabling of services, you can fine-tune your communication strategy and streamline your interactions, enhancing the overall communication experience of your product.