Novu supports a variety of common notification channels out-of-the-box, including email, SMS, push, in-app, and chat. Our platform is a developer-first product built for engineers that need to simplify the complexities of notification management, while working closely with product and marketing teams that need to provide, edit, and maintain notification content.

The Novu Cloud SaaS platform provides an intuitive internal user interface, embeddable UI end-user components, and a hybrid code-first workflow capability.

Novu eliminates the significant burden of building, hosting, and managing a notifications infrastructure that all modern software businesses need in order to notify and engage staff, end users, and customers.

Notification types

Novu supports different notification types, including user-generated and machine-generated notifications.

Machine generated

  • Triggered by some automated action—think a container pod scaling event.
  • Notify one or more end users (which can be internal users, of course!).
  • Often can be voluminous, so digests are helpful.

Product notifications

  • Triggered by end-user interactions and events within your product.
  • Notify one or more subscribers.
  • Typically transactional, such as order updates, password resets, account verifications, or login/OTP codes.
  • Can also be used to provide product updates, such as new features or bug fixes.

Promotional notifications

  • Centered on promoting products, services, or events.
  • Can be used to generate leads, increase sales, or drive engagement.

Key Differences

  • Product notifications are triggered by user activity, while promotional notifications are sent at the discretion of the marketer.
  • Product notifications are typically more transactional in nature, while promotional notifications are more marketing-oriented.
  • Product notifications are often sent to all subscribers, while promotional notifications can be targeted to specific audiences.

Notification channels

Novu supports all major notification channels, and integrates with multiple delivery providers for each one. Each channel can use the same source notification content, as desired.

Who is Novu for?

How you use and get started with Novu depends on your role. While it’s implemented initially by engineering and development teams, Novu unifies everyone in an organization that authors, creates, sends, manages and measures results from notifications being sent to end users. Novu empowers engineers to deliver notification platforms for product teams.

Novu for developers and engineering teams

Novu empowers developers and engineering teams to quickly deliver a fully extensible notifications platform for product teams to create captivating notification experiences.

We provide the following proven stack for developers to simply integrate into their products:

  • Unified API & SDK clients for managing all channels and platforms across multiple programming languages.
  • Prebuilt, customisable UI components for in-app user notification feeds and preference experiences.
  • Integration with multiple delivery providers, allowing you to continue using your preferred vendors with Novu.
  • Scalable, reliable Novu Cloud SaaS infrastructure developed from scratch to meet the demands of high-volume notification delivery and storage (think hundreds of millions of notifications).
  • Observability for delving into the lifecycle of notification’s success or failure. Eliminate guesswork of how, when, and why a user receives a notification.
  • Comprehensive documentation, implementation guides, recipes and illustrative examples.
  • Compliance and security for safely managing your data.
  • Open source based provides trust, generates significant community input, and enables you to deploy and self-host a Novu Project instance into any environment of your choosing.

Notification content can be written in a variety of common content tooling, including React, Vue-email, MJML, and more. Content can also be customized and hydrated using any datasource.

Novu for product teams

We are well aware of the friction that often exists between engineering and product teams, and have built features that allow product teams to customize notification experiences easily and safely—without risking disrupting or breaking important integrations and logic.

Product teams can craft beautiful notification content and campaigns in any content framework of their choice.

  • They can modify and manage notification UIs that engineers have built via Novu workflows.
  • They gain valuable insights into user engagement with notifications via logs and analytics.
  • They can use their preferred notification content editors.
  • They can focus on crafting impactful notification content while engineers

Novu for end users

When implemented, most end users will not be aware that it’s Novu behind the scenes, other than that they now receive notifications where and when they expect them.

The Novu Notification Center is an embeddable component that when included in your app, enables users to view and set their own notification preferences, including channel, preferred language, and more.

Novu ensures fast delivery and beautiful notification experiences for end users regardless of the channels involved.

With Novu, your app users receive instant notifications via email, in-app alerts, SMS, push notifications, and chat.

Use Cases

Novu is heavily customizable, and can tackle nearly any notification requirement, no matter how simple or complex. These are some of the more common use cases:

  • Manage multiple notification providers: Novu empowers you to manage all your notification delivery providers across email, SMS, push and chat in one place. Developers can add new notification providers across different channels without changing the app codebase.
  • Centralize legacy notification systems: Reduce notification complexity, unify management and visibility into one platform.
  • Centralized debugging of notifications across multiple channels: Novu allows you understand and debug notifications sent across different channels in one place.
  • In-app Notification Center: Novu provides a real-time embedded notification center widget that can simply be dropped into any web application to enable end users to manage their own notification preferences.
  • Notification personalization: Novu provides a user preferences feature that gives your end users a say in how they want to receive notifications.
  • Notification content management: Novu provides the ability to integrate any content framework and tool of your choice to manage notification content across teams.
  • Send notifications in users language of choice: Novu allows you to send notifications in preferred users language. App and notification internalization increases users engagement and retention in your product.
  • Reduce notification alert fatigue: Novu prevents notification fatigue by providing the ability to batch multiple notifications and send as one to subscribers (end users). Leverage Novu in digesting multiple notification events.