Novu’s aim is to simplify sending notifications across platforms. As such, we provide simple components, APIs, SDKs and more to help you manage product communication across channels.

This comprehensive guide will help you kickstart your journey with Novu and get your hands dirty!

Everything you need to get up and running successfully can be found here. Let’s begin!

Signing up to Novu Cloud

Novu Cloud is our managed service that lets you oversee all aspects of your product communication from a user-friendly web dashboard. With Novu Cloud, you can handle various communication channels, create and manage workflows, switch organizations and monitor your activity, ensuring that you get comprehensive control over your product communication and that your message reaches your customers effectively.

To be able to do this and a lot more, you need to sign up for Novu Cloud:

  1. Head to Novu Cloud. You’ll see this:

Signing up to Novu Cloud is a breeze!

  1. To sign up, you can either use your email and password or sign up using Github. Choose what you wish to proceed with, read the terms and conditions, check its checkbox and click the sign-up button.

You can use your email and password or sign up using Github!

  1. You’ll then be asked to create an Organization. Organizations help you segregate communication between your different products. You can learn more about organisations here. Simply enter your organization name and click on the ‘create’ button:

Create an organization!

  1. On creating an organization, you’ll be greeted with the get started page:

The get started page greets new users!

This gives you access to a lot of options:

Options available from the getting started page

  1. Accessing support
  2. Managing your account
  3. Configuring different channels
  4. Navigating to any other sections of the dashboard

From here, you can navigate to any part of the web dashboard. Let’s now see Novu in action!