Learn how to send notifications with Svelte, Svelte email and Novu. You can check out the complete code for a working app.


  • A Novu account
  • Node installed on your machine
  • A working SvelteKit app

Follow these Steps

1. Install all dependencies

  npm install @novu/echo svelte-email

2. Integrate Novu with SvelteKit

Within the src/routes directory, create an api/echo folder and add a +server.ts file to it.

// src/routes/api/echo/+server.ts

import { echo } from '$lib/echo';
import { serve } from '@novu/echo/sveltekit';

export const { GET, POST, PUT } = serve({ client: echo });

3. Create an email template in Svelte

Within the src/routes directory, create an emails folder and add an email template in a .svelte file to it.

For example, airbnb-review.svelte:

// src/lib/emails/airbnb-review.svelte

<script lang="ts">
	import {
	} from 'svelte-email';

        const baseUrl = '';

	export let authorName = 'Alex';
	export let showFeedbackButton = true;
	export let showLogoImage = true;
	export let feedbackButtonText = 'Send My Feedback';
	export let authorImage = `${baseUrl}/airbnb-review-user.jpeg`;
	export let logoImage = `${baseUrl}/airbnb-logo.png`;
	export let reviewText = `“Zeno was a great guest! Easy communication, the apartment was left
	  in great condition, very polite, and respectful of all house rules.
	  He’s welcome back anytime and would easily recommend him to any
	export let bottomAddress = "Airbnb, Inc., 888 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94103";

	const previewText = `Read ${authorName}'s review`;

	const fontFamily =
		'-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,"Segoe UI",Roboto,Oxygen-Sans,Ubuntu,Cantarell,"Helvetica Neue",sans-serif';

	const main = {
		backgroundColor: '#ffffff'

	const container = {
		margin: '0 auto',
		padding: '20px 0 48px',
		width: '580px'

	const userImage = {
		margin: '0 auto',
		marginBottom: '16px',
		borderRadius: '50%'

	const heading = {
		fontSize: '32px',
		lineHeight: '1.3',
		fontWeight: '700',
		color: '#484848'

	const paragraph = {
		fontSize: '18px',
		lineHeight: '1.4',
		color: '#484848'

	const review = {
		padding: '24px',
		backgroundColor: '#f2f3f3',
		borderRadius: '4px'

	const button = {
		backgroundColor: '#ff5a5f',
		borderRadius: '3px',
		color: '#fff',
		fontSize: '18px',
		textDecoration: 'none',
		textAlign: 'center' as const,
		display: 'block',
		width: '100%'

	const link = {
		color: '#ff5a5f',
		display: 'block'

	const reportLink = {
		fontSize: '14px',
		color: '#9ca299',
		textDecoration: 'underline'

	const hr = {
		borderColor: '#cccccc',
		margin: '20px 0'

	const footer = {
		color: '#9ca299',
		fontSize: '14px',
		marginBottom: '10px'


	<Head />
	<Preview preview={previewText} />
	<Section style={main}>
		<Container style={container}>
            {#if showLogoImage}
			    <Img src={logoImage} width="96" height="30" alt="Airbnb" />
				<Img src={authorImage} width="96" height="96" alt={authorName} style={userImage} />
			<Heading style={heading}>Here's what {authorName} wrote</Heading>
			<Text style={review}>{reviewText}</Text>
			<Text style={paragraph}>
				Now that the review period is over, we’ve posted {authorName}’s review to your Airbnb
			<Text style={paragraph}>
				While it’s too late to write a review of your own, you can send your feedback to {authorName}
				using your Airbnb message thread.
			<Section style={{ padding: '16px 0 20px' }}>
                {#if showFeedbackButton}
				    <Button pY={19} style={button} href="" >{feedbackButtonText}</Button>
			<Hr style={hr} />
			<Text style={{ ...paragraph, fontWeight: '700' }}>Common questions</Text>
				<Link href="" style={link}>How do reviews work?</Link>
				<Link href="" style={link}>
					How do star ratings work?
				<Link href="" style={link}>
					Can I leave a review after 14 days?
			<Hr style={hr} />
			<Text style={footer}>{bottomAddress}</Text>
			<Link href="" style={reportLink}>Report unsafe behavior</Link>

4. Create a Novu Workflow

Next, create a Novu workflow with an email step. This code-first notification workflow approach makes it easy for product teams to modify notification content.

// src/lib/echo/index.ts

import { Echo } from '@novu/echo';
import { render } from 'svelte-email';
import AirbnbReview from '$lib/emails/airbnb-review.svelte';

export const echo = new Echo({
   * The Novu API key is needed for when you
   * need to sync to Novu Cloud
  apiKey: process.env.NOVU_API_KEY,
   * Enable this flag only during local development
   * For production this should be false
  devModeBypassAuthentication: true

echo.workflow('airbnb-review', async ({ step, payload }) => {
        async (inputs) => {
            const html = render({
                template: AirbnbReview,
                props: {
                    authorName: inputs.authorName,
                    showFeedbackButton: inputs.showFeedbackButton,
                    showLogoImage: inputs.showLogoImage,
                    feedbackButtonText: inputs.feedbackButtonText,
                    bottomAddress: inputs.bottomAddress,
                    authorImage: inputs.authorImage,
                    logoImage: inputs.logoImage
            return {
                subject: `Here's Your Host Feedback`,
                body: html,
        }, {
            inputSchema: {
                type: "object",
                properties: {
                  showFeedbackButton: { type: "boolean", default: true },
                  showLogoImage: { type: "boolean", default: true },
                  authorName: { type: "string", default: "Alex" },
                  feedbackButtonText: { type: "string", default: "Send My Feedback" },
                  authorImage: {
                    type: "string",
                    default: "",
                    format: "uri",
                  logoImage: {
                    type: "string",
                    default: "",
                    format: "uri",
                  bottomAddress: {
                    type: "string",
                    default: "Airbnb, Inc., 888 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94103",

5. Preview Email Workflow & Sync to Novu Cloud

Open Dev Studio to preview and make changes to the email workflow as needed via the command below:

npx novu-labs@latest echo
  1. Run the Studio

Novu Dev Studio on the first run

Note: Use the port on which your Svelte app is running for the echo endpoint so that the Novu Dev Studio can connect to your API route.

  1. Check out the email workflow and test

Preview Email workflow with Step Inputs & Payload

  1. Deploy to Novu Cloud when you’re done.

On the top right of the Novu Dev Studio, you can sync to Novu Cloud when you’re done working locally.

Note: You’ll need to create a local tunnel that the Novu Cloud environment can reach for local experimentation purposes. Ngrok is a good tunnel.

6. Send a Notification

Trigger a notification using the recently deployed workflow either via your Novu Cloud dashboard or code.