Novu’s Python SDK provides simple, yet comprehensive notification management, and delivery capabilities through multiple channels that you can implement using code that integrates seamlessly with your Python application.

Explore the source code on GitHub


# Via pip
pip install novu

# Via poetry
poetry add novu
 If you’re ready to start integrating in your Python app, jump straight to our Python quickstart.


from novu.api import EventApi

url = ""
api_key = "<NOVU_API_KEY>"

# You can sign up on to get your API key from

novu = EventApi(url, api_key).trigger(
    name="digest-workflow-example",  # This is the Workflow ID. It can be found on the workflow page.
    recipients="<SUBSCRIBER_IDENTIFIER>", # The subscriber ID can be gotten from the dashboard.
    payload={},  # Your custom Novu payload goes here